Best Food in London

… on a quest to find THE best food of every London joint!

Monthly Archives / January 2015

Mien Tay

Hello there Vietnamese food – I wonder where have you been all my life?!


Muriel’s Kitchen

OK, I ADMIT IT! This one I went for the appearance and size… I’m only human… a glutton one!


Chotto Matte

If you’re a Japanese aficionado and you also follow the food trends of London, you probably have stumbled upon a Peruvian restaurant. So why not the have the best of the two worlds? Introducing Nikkei food: The perfect marriage between Sashimi & Ceviche.


London Food Tips #5

#05London Food Tips Keep an eye on London’s food venues social media channels. Twitter, Facebook or whatever network they are, just follow them! I do NOT have the sort of money to be spending on Michelin star restaurants… yet you stumble upon discounts quite often. A 2 star Michelin with nice promos



I always thought the Michelin star biz to be a rich people propaganda move. I get that a restaurant deserves some recognition to distinguish it from others – fair enough. But 2 stars? I mean, what on earth can you bring more on my plate that would make you a 2 star?! Apparently… a lot!


Fabrique Bakery

After a couple years, I finally had the chance to have my favourite bread again – THANK YOU!


Percy Ingle

I have to admit it, I have been avoiding this desert for a long time… I mean bread pudding? That sounds like some expired bread soaked in some gross thingy… wrong!


Curry Capital

An OK but definitely not memorable experience.


Yauatcha Soho

I’ll cut up to the chase. This is an amazing place and I fell in love for it.