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Green Papaya

A Thai restaurant visit without ordering fish! Now that’s a first on this blog!



I used to advocate that “if a restaurant needs a 3rd party to promote vouchers and similar deals… they’re food is probably not good enough to sell itself!” … well I was wrong (yes, it happens now and then) and I’ve been surprised in London many times!


London Food Tips #6

#06London Food Tips If you are a food enthusiast, do yourself a favour and check some of the deals websites once in a while. They come in handy, in particular for foodies living in London! They are another alternative to save some quids and hit some fancier places. Usually, the vouchers have a long expiration […]



Awww.. hosting friends in London – great stuff… sometimes! Definitely not when your friends are so demanding of where and what they want to eat. So, my mission? To find a good, non-expensive place to eat sushi in Soho (Good and non-expensive sushi in London? aw… tourists! So cute!)