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… on a quest to find THE best food of every London joint!

About me & Food

me2012I’m Pedro. A healthy(-ish) and budget foodie blogger on a quest to find THE best dish and items of every London food venue and store shelves. Since you’ve come this far, welcome to my “jeez… another food blog”!
Don’t cut your wrists just yet and read along. I’m always super excited to share cool tips with like-minded fellows about the best thing in the world… food!

You know when you are starving to death and end up rushing into the first joint that you come up with? Or when you are just looking to bring your friends a nice snack but get confused with the amount of choices around? Well… that’s London! A heaven for foodies that can be both overwhelming AND take you to bankruptcy.
Well.. that's London, a heaven for foodies that can be both overwhelming AND take you to bankruptcy Click To Tweet


The foodie common challenge

Forget “the restaurant is full, must be good” theory in London. The same goes for food stores and supermarkets. On the most populated cities of Europe and with 8MM hungry mouths around, busy places are a likely thing to happen everywhere you go.

Locals advice or even a cool app will show you the trendy places around or best/closest places to buy your food but once that first challenge is overcome… you find yourself back at where you started:“What can I order/buy now?” 

Welcome to my world and my eternal foodie dilemma! Maybe you’ve felt the same disappointment before. Who has never picked a dish by its sexy name written on the menu and regret it in the moment it arrives at the table? or maybe bought a healthy snack for a starving moment only to find out too late that it sucks big time? It is such a foodie dissapointment to feel you burnt your money and wasted your calories intake on food that’s not worthy.

For a food lover like me,  it is just a huge disappointment to realise I’ve burnt my money and wasted my calories intake on food that’s not worthy.


An archive of THE best dishes & snacks in London

I created this blog to keep a record of the winner dish of each place I visit in London as well as the most interesting items I bought in London’s several food shops. I’m completely unbiased and just like to talk “food”. I’ll be more than happy if by any chance a picture of a kebab I bought on the street helps a “food Bro” (or sis) to have a nice food experience or if a cereal bar I recommended helps you have a delicious and healthy snack.

I’m into all sorts of tastes, so you’ll find here a little bit of everything for everyone. I try not to blow my budget on food most of the time. But then again, I’m all about memorable experiences (and food is a big contributor) so I might just pay for that guilty pleasure now and then (one has to enjoy their favourite things in life right?).


Budget and healthy(er) conscious eating

When people get to know my love for food (and the natural sparkle it brings to my eyes) they wonder how I haven’t declared bankruptcy or applied for “the biggest looser” yet.  

Eating what I want with no restrictions would be Heaven on Earth but like most “Londoners”, I have a limited budget to use on this expensive city. I should probably mention that this won’t stop me for having a great (but worthy) meal since eventually you will see reviews about “posher foodie grounds”. I do in fact treasure pleasure over money but that doesn’t mean I feed under a sky full of Michelin stars or buy my grocery at Harrods! 

Also, one should keep the physical condition blah blah, yada yada… but off course, “healthy” is yet another challenge in London (everywhere as a matter of fact… fast food conspiracy!). On a daily basis, my eating routines are quite healthy (boring?) for medical reasons and I eat regularly the same foods for option.  Not only I got used to live with it but also I learnt to love it but now and then, one needs to challenge the body hence the quest for those healthy snack replacements. I also found other advantages for my “health burden”:

  • It became a lifestyle rather than a diet and because it’s effortless I can easily sustain it.
  • I have an accurate control of my calories intake and I keep my “belly size” under control.
  • I feel somehow that my palate got more sharp and my taste buds live different and “deprived” (by option) flavours with much more intensity. 
  • I became more critical and demanding with food. If I’m going to have something different than usual, it’s better be worth it!

As an outcome of all this I feel healthy and every food experience that I have is lived in much more depth. This probably hints why I live food with this huge level of excitement. Oh well… I just love eating!


To my fellow London (and rest of the world) readers

Feel free to drool over my pictures (I know I would) and to feel a little bit of “healthy jealousy” (again… I know I would!).  Better yet, jump on the conversation with some cool foodie tips on the London tasting scene, suggestions where to go next or the latest must-buy treat. They are more than welcome!

Enjoy it… Cheers!

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