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Aladin Brick Lane.. again!


As promised on my first Aladin experience a couple months ago and as soon as I had some friend visiting me in London, I brought them again to this place.

Again, they shoot.. they score! The food was amazing. One can argue Indian’s in Madeira Island is lousy, or that my opinion is biassed. But, I did spend 2 weeks in India eating genuine street food. I also tried fancier restaurant dishes and even local families “real” everyday meals… so I know one thing or two. Without generalising my lack of expertise on this cuisine, this continues to the best Indian food experience of my life up until this moment.

Again, we ordered the normal Thali and since we were a larger party, we ordered the vegetarian as well. The extra dish was a chicken Haryali Chicken Masala marinated in spinach & mint.

With that said, the vegetarian Thali didn’t add up anything – I’ll probably skip it next time. The Masala and the Paneer continue to be to die for and the end result was a super heavy dinner because I wasn’t able to control my naan+dips addiction. The great surprise of this night though was the Haryali Chicken Masala. An amazing coconut flavored chicken with a hint of fresh mint that you want to stick your tongue directly on the dish (if this was only at home!).

Haryali Chicken Masala marinated in spinach & mint, Alladin Brick lane

How to overcome the heat in Indian restaurants

I’ve self-learnt some tricks, which I know offer as tips for people on Indian restaurants. If you want to make up the most of the best part of the Indian food (the sauces full of spices), make sure you don’t miss both the bread and rice. I’m more of a “dip-bread-on-everything-liquid” kind of person but the soaked rice on spice or coconut flavors is also marvelous.

More important than that, do not order solely mild sauce dishes such as korma. They are based in coconut and although heavenly creamy and tasty, they might become very sweet and a little bit sickening. The same concept applies for ordering only spicy dishes. All the fire will soon start to overshadow the flavor of each dish. After a spitting-fire sauce, the next one (which would be hot under normal circumstances) will be way too bland.

I will continue to go back here to order the masala the paneer and the chicken and maybe try some new flavors. I’d say the Thali, the paneer and the Haryali Chicken dish with some extra naan is a great budget-conscious meal. It should be enough for you to forgive the noisy environment and “salesy” employees.

132 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7247 8210

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