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BiBimBap Charlotte Street

  • Chilli Chicken with extra Egg Bibimbaps

    Chilli Chicken with extra Egg Bibimbaps

  • Nutritious Bibimbaps

    Nutritious Bibimbaps

Just when I was starting to think I would have to eat my way trough Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s meal deal sections forever so I could save some bucks… Asian food to the rescue!

What a refreshing surprise! My first “pick-a-restaurant-out-of-the-blue” in London since I moved in went really well… and price wise, even better!

This little Korean place is fantastic! Don’t misinterpret by my comment as if I was talking about a cheap junk. The restaurant is quite small but cosy, a little bit “kitsch” but at the same time with substance.  Although there’s other things on the menu, their signature dish as well as the name of the restaurant, is called Bibimbap. Despite having just a few tables, the service was good and I was happy of not feeling the typical rush some Asian restaurants put you up.

They serve their BiBimbap’s on a hot stone bowl which besides being original, makes the food warmer for a long time – just as I like it.

I recommend the extra egg on the top of your Bibimbap’s for extra flavour although it doesn’t add that much. If you’re into spicy foods (I know I am), add some extra chilli sauce they have on the tables. I preferred the chicken dish compared to the “Nutritious” one although it did has some tasty earthy flavours (brown rice, mushrooms, beans, etc.).

Surely a place to go back and have a try on the rest of the menu.


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BiBimBap 51.519292, -0.150204

10 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 2LT, United Kingdom

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