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  • Aubergine caviar

    Aubergine caviar

  • Couscous Royal

    Couscous Royal

  • Seafood Tagine

    Seafood Tagine

I used to advocate that “if a restaurant needs a 3rd party to promote vouchers and similar deals… they’re food is probably not good enough to sell itself!” … well I was wrong (yes, it happens now and then) and I’ve been surprised in London many times!

Tasting Tip #6

If you are a food enthusiast, do yourself a favour and check some of the deals websites once in a while. They come in handy in particular for foodies living in London! They are yet just another alternative to save some quids and save up for some fancier places.

Usually, the vouchers have a long expiration date so there’s no need to rush and you can plan ahead. While sometimes their not cheap, they frequently give you the best quality/price ratio for that expensive restaurant you’re dying to go for…

Although Bogayo wasn’t the most exciting experience in the world – gotta give it to them! The place is quite nice and the environment intimistic enough to make it a nice place for a dinner date.

Then gain, if I were to turn my critical and sort of bitchy mood on (which I can’t help to do it because… after all this is my blog and I’m not going to lie.. right?), I’ve been in Morocco before and although I’m no expert, I wonder how hard is to put together some themed decor – their style is such a chaotic display of colours and patterns that to some extent it seems that everything fit.

Anyways, and before you go bananas on me, I don’t want to minimize this Morrocan restaurant efforts. “Au contraire”, the place looks indeed quite pretty!
In fact, for those that can’t go by a meal without taking a picture for their social profiles (guilty again!), I found their Moroccan dishes to be beautiful sets for amazing pictures!

Moving on… the food was great but the menu description was more exciting than what arrives on the plate (Seriously… have no idea why “aubergine caviar”… deceptive advertising!). Also, while I’m a huge aubergine fan and the plate was delicious, I thought the portion to be fairly poor for the main dish.

The meats were good but not memorable. All and all, I would go back to this place under the same conditions I got to it in the first place – through a coupon. You get good value for the money and I would repeat the aubergine (but, at least three times to feel fulfilled!).

To be fair and redeem myself of the less positive opinion, I did leave the restaurant with regret of not trying the lamb or a tagine – Moroccan cuisine classics! I had a chance to peek into the food served around and judging only by the looks… delicious!

Have you ever been in a Moroccan restaurant in London? Tips are more than welcome!


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Bogayo 51.526539, -0.081984

320 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DR United Kingdom

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