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Chotto Matte

  • Tuna tostadita

    Tuna tostadita

  • Tentáculos de pulpo

    Tentáculos de pulpo

  • Coconut Mount Piyashiri

    Coconut Mount Piyashiri

  • Piece aburi

    Piece aburi

  • Nikkei sashimi

    Nikkei sashimi

  • Assorted Petit Fours

    Assorted Petit Fours

If you’re a Japanese aficionado and you also follow the food trends of London, you probably have stumbled upon a Peruvian restaurant. So why not the have the best of the two worlds? Introducing Nikkei food: The perfect marriage between Sashimi & Ceviche.

Curious fact: Apparently, Peru’s cuisine has a slight of a Japanese influence. They have the second largest ethnic Japanese population in the world just behind Brazil (which explains why these restaurants fame in this country).

Besides the famous mountains (Mount Fuji and Machu Pichu) I would not imagine this in a million years! I mean ..they are literally opposite from each other (Well I guess it depends on how you look into the map. I speak as a European!).

The night started well in Chotto Matte. Good culture and good food – what’s not to love! We were there not to have dinner, but to try a degustation menu. If this promotion is still around, make yourself a favour and try it.

The Chotto experience is a rollercoaster of flavours that takes you from one corner of the world to another. Literally. If you think about it, they are indeed quite similar! Raw food with soy, raw food in a citrus-based mixture, potayto, potahto… right?!

Anyway, the degustation started with some cocktails based on the famous Peruvian drink Pisco. Quite interesting, yet, just a taster of what was to come. We continued with some tostaditas (a corn crisp base with a crazy fusion of Japanese wasabi and tuna sashimi with Peruvian jalapeños and coriander). How can one jnot get intrigued with this?

The yellowtail sashimi flavours as delicious and the tuna as well. They serve you a drink for each bite that matches perfectly. It’s the perfect portion for you to try and not get bored. Just the enought for you to leave wanting to come back – foodies heaven!

The highlight although was the octopus. Oh boy, now that was precious! While the octopus is quite common back in the Island (By the way, I’m from Madeira, Portugal), here in London it’s not so much – at least that I’m aware! The spices and herbs are amazing but just the octopus by itself cooked on the flame is out of this world. I guess you have to be a seafood appreciator for this but I mean.. you are on a Nikkei restaurant and if you’re up for raw fish this shouldn’t be any drama.

We ended up with style having a beautifully presented coconut desert. A fresh and sweet yest not the end of our degustation. We still had the right to a few petit fours. One would think this would be something quickly put up to justify a price but they ended up being all really good (My special points goes for the brittle).

Do go to Chotto Matte whenever you have the chance and make sure you try at least a starter of the “pulpo” (octopus).

The place is great, the people are friendly and the degustation menu takes you behind the scenes to see how everything (that you swallow in a second) comes together. I really value this kind of transparency.

Oh and by the way, they have probably some of the most visual striking dishes I’ve seen so far while eating around in London.

It’s a full experience for the eyes and the taste buds. (no… let’s not go into the fitness part for today).

I wonder if anyone has ever tried a normal meal around here. What’s your input?

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18 Hillgate Street, W8 7SR, London, United Kingdom

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