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Cookies and Scream (Islington)


Damn the day this store opened next to my flat!!!

I was immediately intrigued the first time I laid eyes in Cookies and Scream Islington bake shop. As far as I know, also the first gluten free bakery in Islington. The timing was also so convenient. – by the time they opened for business, I was in a craving-for-cookies-and-milk phase in all my cheat meals.

But then a bit of disappointment. The place didn’t strike me as a bakery or pastry shop. For a while, I was suspicious if it was a sort of quirky pub disguised. You know.. put a few of cookies on the shelves during the daylight and add a great name and you have a nice marketing trick.

cookies and scream holloway road, islington

Cookies and Scream hop in Holloway Road – Islington, London

Looking back, I was so wrong and judgmental. People here are super mega friendly and relaxed. And, since I actually decided to give it a shot on the food, I fell in love with every single thing I’ve tried. They don’t have many options but from the short selection, every thing is beautiful – my perfect kind of store! And hey, also worth mentioning there aren’t many places selling vegan gluten free cookies or vegan cakes in London, let alone as good as these.

My first pick at Cookies and Scream was their decadent brownie with marshmallow. Something out of this world! If you’re a chocoholic and enjoy a pure intense decadent chocolate… this is the sh*t! On the very same day I went back to the highlight of the day (yes. I’m either way too self-contained or a pure glutton) and tried the raspberry pie – hands down for it.

Vegan and gluten-free raspberry pie

Cookies and Scream vegan and gluten-free raspberry pie

The frosting of this pie is orgasmic and not that sweet as the typical supermarket food. The jam is perfect and goes along with the rest. It gives that striking flavor profile that breaks all the sweetness. Even the base is better than your regular one. How can a base be so exciting you ask?! Try it!

But don’t get overly excited about these before learning about my 2nd visit (which I think it was just later in the same week). If you like banana, you’re in for a huge treat with … THE best vegan banoffee pie in London!

What is banoffee pie you ask? If I went for the other name it’s known (bananoffe) you’d probably get there. But basically… banana meets cream and toffee on the most orgasmic mixture ever! I tried my very first slice in Cookies and Scream.

It’s one of their specialties and they have it quite often (meaning… now my eyes are always searching for it when I walk near by). I ordered a slice of this dessert, and the price is arguably decent for London (3.50£).

The pie base is perfect – as with every pastry they do – this one has something nutty I wish I knew how to replicate. But, the soft banana texture, and the creamy toffee of the pie filling are the winning combination that elevates everything! They taste (and are) like pure freshness and are a pair matched in heaven.

vegan and gluten free banoffee pie

The delicious vegan and gluten-free Banoffee pie

My biggest dilemma was only on how to eat it. Should I grab a big chunk of everything together or taste the delicious ingredients one by one? Yes because they are that good by themselves and you really want to appreciate all details of this treat.

I’m not going to lie here. I’ve been back for the 3rd and 4th time (hey, it is really very close to the place I live) but always went back to the banana banoffee deliciousness.

Banoffee pie history

I actually got curious to learn about the banoffee pie origin after trying it. I knew the name from seeing it on tv cooking shows but back in Portugal, it’s not really something you’d find at a store.

Apparently, the bananoffee is English!!! (I could swear it was German don’t ask me why!?). Sources claim that it was invented in 1971 by Nigel Mackenzie and Ian Dowding in East Sussex. But, you’ll probably have half of the Americans swearing it’s from there.. go figure!). Regardless, is delicious so thank you for whoever spread the recipe around!

I’ll definitely keep coming to Cookies and Scream sometime soon. I haven’t tried their vegan cookies yet because the cakes are so irresistible – Shame on me! Then again, it’s just another reason to go back and scratch yet another item of my must-try list.

If you’re wondering, Cookies and Scream opening time are 10 AM to 8 PM but on weekends opens later at 11 AM. But bear in mind, these things are homemade in small portions so by the end of the day don’t expect to find much. Oh, and by the way, their original vegan cafe is in Camden so panic not! You have at least two options in London to get your teeth in a vegan banoffee pie.

How about you? Do you know any great vegan bakery in London? Have you ever tried a Cookie & Screams cookie?

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