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Curry Capital

  • Chicken Shatkora

    Chicken Shatkora

  • Lamb Katmandu Delicacy

    Lamb Katmandu Delicacy

  • Aubergine Bhaji

    Aubergine Bhaji

  • Saag Bhaji

    Saag Bhaji

An OK but definitely not memorable experience.

I must have this illness that sometimes wakes up and gives me the Indian food desires. Just like that, sometimes I just feel like having a fantastic naan and dip it in every sauce they put in front of me. I just can’t resist the combo.

And again, I adventured myself through the curry options of Brick Lane. Maybe this street is not the best place in the World for Indian food. Every time I’m here it’s like I’m back to Marrakech souks (and I’m saying this on a judgmental way!). Who doesn’t love to bargain for food?

I’ve had amazing food experiences on Brick Lane. To top that is the price which is most of the times reasonably cheap for London standards!

This time, I decided to try Curry Capital because of my stubborn motto of always trying new restaurants on the quest to find their best dish. I have left many times unimpressed, but the experience is always different. And different is always worth it!

With Curry Capital, do not get me wrong as the food was tasty but I found it to be a place that just doesn’t rock my world.

Having that said, I love aubergine. And whenever I have the chance to try a non-European style I’m all for it. I recommend giving this one a try as the flavours were interesting.

The Saag Bhaji was dry, but the flavour was good. To be fair, I ordered it picturing a Saag Paneer in my mind. These are two different preparations of spinach and you’ll end up disappointed if you mix them up. A Little piece of advice… get your Saag’s right!

Both the proteins were good. Maybe it just wasn’t my lucky day. Do you have any suggestions or recommend any dish on Curry Capital?


202-204 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA, United Kingdom

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