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  • Nasu Dengaku

    Nasu Dengaku

  • Miso Soup

    Miso Soup

  • Crab Tempura

    Crab Tempura

  • Salmon and Tofu Teriyaki Bento

    Salmon and Tofu Teriyaki Bento

Awww.. hosting friends in London – great stuff… sometimes! Definitely not when your friends are so demanding of where and what they want to eat. So, my mission? To find a good, non-expensive place to eat sushi in Soho (Good and non-expensive sushi in London? aw… tourists! So cute!)

My choices back on the island for this type of cuisine are quite limited. By the time I wrote this, we had five restaurants. Yet, the ones that made the Japanese cuisine popular were the “all you can eat” kind. We just got used to sushi as a food to eat until you drop (guilty!). And since it’s sort of healthy-ish… you do it with no regrets whatsoever!

So yes, some of us (immigrants & tourists) still get surprised by the amount of money you pay for a few pieces of raw fish and rolls filled with rice. Still.. within the expensive eating options around of, well.. an expensive city like London, you can find a few hidden gems! eat Tokyo is one of them – a nice place for sushi lovers looking for less common sushi rolls and different combos.

within the expensive eating options around of, well.. an expensive city like London, you can find a few hidden gems! Click To Tweet

Do not expect extravagant fusion sushi or the most exquisite and rare tuna sashimi in the world! But, you do get to please your cravings with something nice without getting broke or having to survive the next entire month eating tuna… the canned version! All and all, it’s a good price-quality ratio (do remember… you’re in London!)

My first (yes, I later discovered there are a few of them) eat Tokyo experience was in Notting Hill. The bento boxes are well-served and the salmon teriyaki was delicious! It was moist, drown in sauce and had an amazing crispy skin.. winner!

We order a few starters as well, but, the star of the night was the aubergine (or should I call it eggplant? oh well… potayto, potahto! You know the veggie I’m talking about). It’s called Nasu Dengaku. A miso glazed preparation that I’ve been a huge fan for a long time – this one in particular rocked my foodie world!

Honestly, this is the best veggie preparation I ever had and I’m not even kidding. It’s caramelised and sweet, it’s creamy and warm, and the aubergine flesh together with the sauce is just scrumptious! For me, it resembles a dessert. Sort of like a salty creme brulee?!

Oh well, try it yourself and let me know! I think it’s a great way to satisfy your sweet-tooth while eating a veggie at the same time. I’m stopping with the compliments because I just know (I really loved it) that I’ll be back for more and soon I’ll be blabbering about it again.

Have you ever eaten Nasu Dengaku?

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