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Fabrique Bakery

  • Rugbrød - Danish Rye bread

    Rugbrød - Danish Rye bread

  • Cinnamon bun

    Cinnamon bun

  • Cranberry and Coffe Rye Danish Bread

    Cranberry and Coffe Rye Danish Bread

  • Apricot luxury bread

    Apricot luxury bread

  • Walnut bread

    Walnut bread

  • Vanilla roll

    Vanilla roll

After a couple years, I finally had the chance to have my favourite bread again – THANK YOU!

Visit #2

19TH January 2015
I came back for my bread!!! Much quicker than I thought (5 days later). This time, I gave a try on the Danish Rye bread with Cranberries and Coffe. Good, yes. As good as the original? no. I’m sticking to the traditional one. Read below the 1st visit to learn about it.

Visit #1


A few years ago I visited Copenhagen on Xmas. Unfortunately, my nordic foodie memories are blurry. It was so tongue-freezing cold (true story!) that I couldn’t even bother to take my gloves off to take pictures.

For this bread, I don’t need visual proof since I perfectly remember it from my first breakfast. (“first” might not be the best word to describe it since it implies I ate it only once. I had it every morning until rest of my holidays).

It was a shy and small bread. I remember thinking I would be hungry again in 30m. Au contraire! The bread was so dense and packed with an impossible-to-list mixture of nuts that it took me forever to finish it (I mean it in a real positive way).

Anyways, the point is: the rye bread is very fulfilling. Plus, it’s packed with good nutty fats and protein. The name of the bread is rugbrød. I found out later it was just rye bread. Well, not just any… the Danish rye!

I never had the chance to have this bread again. Fast forward one year and another country, I’m now in London and happily stumbled upon a magazine that listed the best bakeries of London. Guess what? I happened to be very close to this recommended Scandinavian bakery called Fabrique. My brain switched immediately to rugbrød.

I went to Fabrique on a Sunday morning and everything was perfect starting by the bakery itself. It looks like a factory was there once in a now hard-to-imagine industrial east side.

The food display makes you drool. Limited? Yes. Boring? Not even close! Fabrique is one of those modest bakeries that does not sell an overwhelming amount of items. Instead, they are quite specialized and each bread and pastry could almost be a signature dish all alone.

Although visual exciting, the smell of the bread around as soon as you open the door was the thing that sold me! The whole experience goes up a notch if you eat inside as you get to see the bakers on an open kitchen doing their art.

The Danish Rye bread stood up to my Copenhagen expectations! Not only I had a few slices, I went all over the top and took a half loaf with me so I could just eat until I got sick (Didn’t happen! Still love it).

I definitely recommend you to visit Fabrique if you enjoy a good Rye. And don’t you dare to compare it with cheap supermarket versions! Ok, I guess not even on supermarkets rye is cheap. Anyway, the “Scandinavian” touch makes the difference – These people know their bread!

But don’t take my word (or taste) for it and go for a visit and let me know your experience.

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Fabrique 51.532115, -0.075723

Arch 385, Geffrye St, London, E2 8HZ, United Kingdom

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