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Green Papaya

  • Shredded Crispy Chicken Breast

    Shredded Crispy Chicken Breast

  • Green Curry Chicken

    Green Curry Chicken

  • BBQ Peppered crispy Duck

    BBQ Peppered crispy Duck

A Thai restaurant visit without ordering fish! Now that’s a first on this blog!

“The people” you have to deal when you go out for a meal are a quite important part of a great (or awfull) dining out experience. Although my mindset is food and finding THE best dish of every place I go, I can’t ignore that other factors influence my opinion.

Thus, I’m an apologist that these should be highlighted, either for the good or the bad. For me, nothing can spoil a meal faster than having to put up with a rude or arrogant waiter which was not the case in Green Papaya.

Maybe because they don’t seem to be as popular as other Vietnamese on Kingsland road? Or maybe their food is not in pair with competition so they have to overcompensate?! (and here I am again being sceptical and a wee bit judgmental… I’m sorry, it’s stronger than me!). Or, they’re just nice – let’s stick to that!

We walked in late (at least for the typical British dinner hours) and yet they gave us a great meal and even some tips on what to order. This is some of the only times that most people would agree that is nice to be the centre of attention. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

This time, poultry won over the typical Thai fish that I’m a big fan and usually don’t resist to order.

We ordered green curry chicken with coconut milk that had an amazing (but not for everyone) strong flavour dominated by coriander. We also ordered a barbecue peppered duck served with asparagus which stole the show. Crispy skin and barbecue flavours? What’s not to like right?!

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese starter (Crispy chicken breast with ..guess?! Chilli and lemongrass) although promising didin’t end up being surprising and a tad oily. Then again that’s just my personal taste which usually doesn’t get that impressed with fried food.

All and all, the food and the environment here are great and I would come back to Green Papaya for some Vietnamese goodies. But, rather than moved by the food, I would probably choose it just to have a relaxing time away from the fuss and canteen-like environment of most of the “Vietnamese road” restaurants.

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