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Muriel’s Kitchen


OK, I ADMIT IT! This one I went for the appearance and size… I’m only human… a glutton one!

The buzz and reviews around the renown Muriel’s venues created high expectations for me. The place does helps. It looks so rustic and both the decoration and the environment are just welcoming. That all alone is already worth a visit at least for a coffee or tea.

But that’s only a part of the hook. It’s hard to be indifferent to the plethora of pastries on Muriel’s vitrine. It’s one of those I-could-try-ALL-I can see display cases.

The layered cakes in particular, look just yummy! I didn’t spent much time deciding what to order. I love coconut (I probably mentioned this a few times by now) and this immaculate, white and fresh-looking cake was just calling for me… “pick me pick me!”

Unfortunately, looks are deceiving! I ended up quite disappointed because the beautiful slice of cake ended up being just that, a beautiful big and creamy cake… way to creamy! The cake/cream ratio is unbalanced and while one would expect coconut goodness it’s mostly flavoured cream which makes it way too sweet.

Before you go into the “Pedro you’re being bitchy today” road, I do have backup opinions! Either my company and the girl on the table next to ours thought the same. And no, I didn’t offer cake to prove a point but the slice was so generous and good-looking that she order the same after flirting with ours for a long time. Thought luck… she left almost the entire slice).

Maybe it was just that cake or just that day but, I wasn’t convinced at all. I should swallow my pride and try some of the other goodies.

I would order something else if I were you and definitely would love to hear your thoughts on some opinion for my next visit… I promise I won’t look just into the size! Have you ever tried other pastries at Muriel’s? What do you think about them?

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Muriels Kitchen 51.513150, -0.131517

36 – 38 Old Compton Street, W1D 4TT, London, United Kingdom

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