Best Food in London

… on a quest to find THE best food of every London joint!

#01London Food Tips

Even if you’re not the bargain kind of person, in Brick Lane it won’t be hard to get a good discount. Make sure you check your bill by the end of the food frenzy because it’s 99% likely that they “forget” your deal. Don’t worry, they will revert without arguments – It’s their “business culture”.


Beigel Bake

Welcome to the East fantastic side of London! You hear so much about the street food scene around here and the variety of flavours this area has to offer. It’s true, I do confirm. There are amazing places for the budget foodie to have delicious encounters.

  • Fresh Roll Prawn & Herbs wrapped in Rice Paper
  • Rare-sliced Steak & Chicken Pho
  • Stir fried Chicken with Lemongrass, Chilli & Onions

Sông Quê Café

I went to try this restaurant following Time Out’s advise and got myself really impressed.

  • Chilli Chicken with extra Egg Bibimbaps
  • Nutritious Bibimbaps

BiBimBap Charlotte Street

Just when I was starting to think I would have to eat my way trough Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s meal deal sections forever so I could save some bucks… Asian food to the rescue!


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