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… on a quest to find THE best food of every London joint!

Percy Ingle


I have to admit it, I have been avoiding this desert for a long time… I mean bread pudding? That sounds like some expired bread soaked in some gross thingy… wrong!

Well… sort of! It is a bread soaked in milk or cream. And, it probably is baked a few days before but definitely not gross. “Au contraire”… It’s delicious!

I was misled for a while thinking I had found a small, rustic bakery that had some lovely ladies with a strong accent just next to my place in Hoxton street. Well, apparently there are a few Percy Ingle’s around (mainly and weirdly mostly on East London) so there’s goes all of the magic around it but the good news is.. the cakes and bread are still amazing!

Before going back to the pudding, I should make a special mention to Percy Ingle’s “multiseed tin” (or cob) loaf… wow! Now that’s like one of my favourite bread I ever ate… like ever!

I swear to God – I’m really not a fan of that sandwich-American-deal-of-the-day-kind-of-bread. It’s so “poor’s people food” (and I don’t mean it in a judging way. More like… meeeeeh.. kind of boring?!.. oh well you know what I mean! If you don’t, feel free to just judge me!)

Anyways, the multiseed loaf is fantastic and will last you more than one week fresh. I recommend it 100%!

Moving on to the bread pudding. This is a custardy, moist, rustic with a hint of spices deliciousness! Oh wait, there’s more. It has some raisins and other dried fruits I wasn’t able to identify took the cake to a higher level.

If you are into old-fashioned flavours and appreciate genuine ingredients, you will love this. I reckon it’s even more hearty on winter and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have heated it up a little bit. (challenge accepted!)

I am going back for this (and the loafs) and I’m so glad they happen to be a chain bakery. Guess what?! There is actually one next to Holloway road close to where I live now! yay.

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Percy Ingle Hoxton 51.531453, -0.080413

476 Holloway Road, Holloway, N7 6HT, United Kingdom


  1. John Blackhurst

    Percy Ingles is the best.
    Just that the jam doughnuts have become flat over recent years.More like a jam burger!!
    Bring back more rounded doughnuts with a more old fashioned jammy taste.
    Just a comment to get Percy above Greggs.
    Every body loves Percy bloomers.

    • Pedro @ Best Food in London

      Word! The bloomers are really amazing! Can’t believe I’ve never tried the “jam burgers” hahaha ;) thanks for the tip John. By the way, they have these pink pastries that always intrigued me and caught my eye but I never had a chance to try. I think it’s a traditional UK thing (seen similar on supermarkets). Have you ever try them? Not sure if they are worthy.


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