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Recipease by Jamie Oliver


My food experience on this Jamie Oliver was short but literally very sweet!

Don’t have too much to add here other than the fact that the cake was delicious. I’m a huge carrot cake fan and luckily I think I landed in the correct country to have this available. (Apparently it’s one of UK’s most popular cakes! YAY!)

The downside of this carrot obsession is that eventually one tends to be biased and pick the same thing often. You end up trying several variations. “And how is that bad?” – you ask.

Well… after a while (in your head) you nominate yourself as a carrot cake expert and you’re obviously qualified to criticize them! And.. Thou shalt not dare to contradict! Yes – that’s me!

Having that clear and as far as carrot cakes in London concern, I’m still loyal to Gail’s bakery and their triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese.

Still, this does not make Jamie’s cake less scrumptious and unbelievable moist. But, all and all that makes it stand apart is an astonishing combination of spices that elevates it to another level (I’m a sucker for spiced cakes!).

I would be interested to know if someone has ever tried the restaurant itself?

If not, don’t waste the chance of at least grabbing a goodie on the go from this place.

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Recipiase by Jamie Oliver 51.509059, -0.197356

92-94 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3QB United Kingdom

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