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Sunday UpMarket


This market is full of good news for the budget eater and it’s worth for all the international offers they have around.

Forget your meat desires (or order something else) and try something original such as the Ethiopian cuisine – this was my first choice.

Although I’m all about quality over quantity, this time I’m guilty of my own lust. This could be easily a boring dish since no specific ingredient stands out by itself. On the other hand, the dish, as a whole, is very attractive and colourful but, the best part of it is all the different preparations you get to try. The combination of generous portions, a diversity of ingredients and the fact the food looks so natural makes this dish a winner. (Well.. it is Ethiopian food! I will just assume their traditional recipes don’t use much of processed food or other ocidental junk and they are all about the what-the-Earth-gives-you kind of flavours – do the same!).

If you are a 100% vegetarian or a healthy eater, I recommend this dish as a great option. It’s rather rare to see such earthy food around (even in London markets) so it gets a few extra points for originality and allowing an opportunity for something different. Order whatever floats your boat but please don’t ask for food you can have at home on a food market! That’s depressing and foodie unacceptable!

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I would have this dish again but won’t probably do it soon mostly because there’s a whole bunch of good looking competition literally around each corner that totally deserves my judgment. My friends had a little bit of this and that around the place (everyone was quite happy) and I do remember this decadent Brazilian meat sandwich enough to make me rethink a couple of times and question what I should order. Don’t you just hate having to choose sometimes?


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