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The Barn

Not everything is pink and has a happy ending in this blog. This attractive place ended up not being as good as I expected.

Ok, stop, rewind, reconsider. Maybe I’m not being reasonable here. Maybe I’m the one to blame for the lack of imagination of my order. But what can I say, I did expect more even from a simple bowl of granola.
We were two and unfortunately ordered the same thing – the granola. I was looking for a healthy option to start my day and the idea of crunchiness and tangy yoghurt flavours sounded good in my head. For our disappointment, we got a rather dull bowl of what it seems to be pre-bought granola with half a banana (I mean, at least give us the fruit!) and a few dry fruits.
I guess my granola standards are quite high after some winner breakfast experiences in Shoreditch such as Curious Yellow cafe creamy coconut granola or the super crunchy “you-can-tell-is-homemade” granola from Friends of Ours.
The Barn is actually a very cosy place and beautifully decorated as well. I’m just happy to see Holloway Road to been recently exploding with good looking coffee shops and places with good taste. As for the food, I’d maybe just go for another dish rather than the granola. I was so turned off and in a hurry that I couldn’t be bothered to argue or order something else. But, from the look of some other people dishes, it might be the case that I just was unlucky and went for the wrong item in the menu.
We’re neighbours, so I’m willing to give them another try – maybe will come back soon with a different version of the story… or not! Would love for someone to argue with me on this so that I could feel challenged to get back soon.
Let me know your experience on this place.

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The Barn 51.548738, -0.107061
Islington N7 8JL, London, United Kingdom

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